Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Brief Idea On Different Sizes Of Commercial Solar Systems

Are you planning to install commercial solar systems? Then you must have some idea about the various sizes available. After analyzing the cost and profit of each size, it’s your call to choose the right one for you according to your business size. Here is a head start for you:

4kW/4.5kW/5kW System: It includes 10 to 20 solar panels. The installation & modulation is going to cost you approximately $7,900 with the hope of saving around $1100 each year. It can add up approximately $23,000 in course of time (like 15-20 years later). Worthy for a start-up business because it can serve 2-4 people.

7.5kW System: If your business has 3 or more employees, take a step forward to 7.5kW. It will cost you around $13,100.00 with a usage of 28.7kWhs and 45.3kWhs.

10kW System: With the expectation of earning $2800 each year it will cost you around $28,600. Considering the return rate against the costing it sounds great. It usually generates 39kWhs every day in sunny day and more or less depending on the weather.

25kW System:
Is business getting more larger? Move to 25kW system – where installation cost is about $71,400. It’s perfect for large business like warehouse with an assurance of handsome return rate like $9,000.

50kW System:
Each year it’s going to produce about 44,000kWh of electricity. It will cost around $94,100 with 17% investment rate, means you can save about $28,200.

80kW/100kW/200kW System: For a very large business, 100kW or above solar systems can be used. The cost mainly depends on the installing process or installer and the average earning rate is over $35,700.

Now go solar starting with the wise decision of installing the perfect sized solar system for your business.

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