Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How Switching to LED Lighting Can Continuously Save Your Business Money

There is currently a small revolution in lighting that is making headway in many businesses in Australia. That revolution is LED lighting. We have all heard of the reasons why saving energy and making greener decisions for our businesses are great ways to save money in the short term, but one of the biggest revolutions in business that can continuously save you money on energy bills to a staggering degree is the way we light our offices and factories. With huge leaps in the technology itself, LED lighting has come a long way to give demonstrable savings year on year.

The majority of modern LED lighting systems allow for huge savings on energy consumption when compared with traditional incandescent lighting. Where applicable, you can change almost any kind of lighting system for an LED alternative meaning transition and costs are kept at a minimum. The average LED light consumes as much as 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lights, meaning the savings on energy are quickly passed on to your business.

The savings on energy is easily translated into monetary savings by slashing your overall utilities budget; a welcome addition to any small business. The larger the lighting scheme, the larger the saving, and with hundreds of newly designed LED light bulbs, lighting strips and even industrial lighting applications to choose from, the transition to an all-LED lighting setup will be both cost effective and rapid.

Whilst the forecast for saving on both energy consumption and money look quite lucrative on the outset, LED lighting in Sydney has other benefits up its sleeve in terms of government funded schemes that can offer many small businesses and homes the chance to take advantage of grants to help you make the switch. These government schemes enLighten is one of the schemes available for LED lighting in Sydney, helping businesses reduce their return on investment.

This new initiative aims to incentivise companies, small businesses and home owners into making the transition from traditional incandescent lighting to LED devices; and it has been a real success. Business owners taking part in the scheme are required to purchase Energy Savings Certificates from a number of accredited providers once they have been accredited, or have made use of a third-party accrediting agent. The value of these certificates can range from $10 to $15 each.

For the majority of small businesses, the simple step up to energy saving can be made relatively simply. By choosing the right application of LED lighting, you can start to save money within an afternoon of refitting. For larger businesses that require gross amounts of LED light bulbs, LED strips and other specific bulbs, the transition may take a little longer, depending on the size of your building. Another type of lighting to consider is smart lighting. This is where LED lights take centre stage in being able to be dimmable; to change their colours to any required colour temperature, as well as the ability to be fully programmable using a state of the art lighting control unit.

With these advances in technology taking off across the country, it is little wonder why so many homeowners, small businesses and even large corporations and factories are making the switch to LED lighting Sydney and state wide. With huge energy savings benefits to be made which translates directly into saving money, your utility budget can be improved upon, especially with LED lighting accounting for up to 75% saving on energy consumption, making LED lighting a bright future for your business.

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