Monday, 8 September 2014

Go Green and Choose an Eco-Lighting System for your Home

We would all like to save a bundle on our electricity bills these days, with costs rising on a seemingly yearly basis. One of the best ways to save energy around your home and reduce the impact on the environment is to switch to LED lighting in your home.

The average incandescent light bulb was a great invention. It allowed people to light their homes by purchasing a cheap bulb that lasted a decent amount of time before they had to replace it. The only problem with incandescent light bulbs is that they are one of the most energy inefficient items ever created.

Incandescent Vs LED

Incandescent light bulbs waste huge amounts of energy due to the way they are designed. The average bulb can waste up to 95% of its potential energy as the resulting energy is turned into heat, leaving just 5% of energy output as light. That 95% of wasted energy adds up over time resulting in higher energy bills, wasted energy and a huge impact on global energy consumption as a whole.

LED lights on the other hand are hugely energy efficient, produce more light as a percentage of their wattage rating and can last up to ten times longer than your average incandescent light bulb. Not only are they a great way to save energy around the home with high-impact electricity savings, you could see a real impact on your yearly bill if you made the switch today.

Brighter, more natural light

LED lights also offer the great benefit of being able to produce a more whiter light. Light bulb brightness and colour is measured in a heat scale known as Kelvin. Many of these super energy-efficient LED light bulbs are rated at 5500K which is the same colour temperature as natural sunlight. Gone are the days of sitting in a dreary yellowish room, you can enjoy more natural looking light in every part of your home.

Today’s technology has meant that LED lights have come down in price in just a few years. Whilst the cheaper LED lights can offer a price that is relative to standard bulbs, the longer lasting, more energy efficient and daylight-like colour temperature bulbs can be a little more expensive. But worry not. LED lighting is an investment that pays dividends in the longer run.

Save A Fortune (And the Environment) On Your Energy Bills 

It is estimated that the average household can save 10-20% of their energy bills by switching to lower wattage LED light bulbs without losing any noticeable levels of light. In fact, the brighter, more natural colour of 5500k LED light bulbs may even make your home feel more fresh, especially in rooms such as your home office where horrid yellow lighting can have a negative effect on your health and concentration.

LED lighting is the future, and the future is now. Why not speak with a local LED light Supplier to get an idea of how LED lighting can change the look, feel and running costs of your home. Buying in bulk will save you money on individual bulbs you may be able to pick up from the local hardware store, so invest in your future and save money in the long run with the switch to eco-friendly LED light bulbs.

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