Monday, 16 March 2015

Are You Planning to Renovate Your House with LED Lights?

If you are thinking about renovating your house and give it a contemporary look then start with lights. Proper lighting and coming up with creative always help. However, electricity bill is the biggest headache while you are thinking of playing with lights. Using fluorescent, halogen, recessed lightings and dimmers would be the last thing you want to use, as they consumes more energy. In this case, energy efficient LED light is your biggest solution. Here are some ideas to turn your boring house into a dreamland with simple LED lighting:

Home renovation with LED lights

Start with Exterior

Install some reflector flood LED lights or warm white dimmable spot LED lights on the outer space of your house. If you have a swimming pool install some flood lights around the pool. Give your outdoor a theatrical look with proper usage of LED lights.

Exterior Decoration with LED

Stairway to Heaven

Turn your boring staircases into a heavenly one by installing some LED strip lights at the sides or under each stair step. These LED strip lights come in different colors, so you can choose according to your own choice. They are really very energy efficient and cost friendly, so go ahead and install some.

Staircases with LED Lights

Sky-like Ceiling

Decorate your ceiling with some LED downlights, start from living room and install in any corner you feel like. Installing LED downlights at home not only gives your home a new look, also gives some effects that can mesmerize anyone. So forget those halogen bulbs and decorate your house ceiling with LED downlights.

Ceiling LED

Light things up

You can play with your house when you have a range of LED light bulbs. Light your kitchen cabinet with LED tubes, or you can also play with your furniture by installing LED tubes or strip lights underneath those.

LED Light Homedecor

The above ideas are surely going to help you renovate your home in an incredible way. The best part about playing your home d├ęcor with LED lights is that you don’t need to worry much about the money and the bills. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and the variations also give you so much opportunities to do different creative things.

Let us know, if you like our ideas and also share any renovation ideas that jump in to your head and drop that into the comment box. We would love to see if you have already done something like these at your home or any other creative work with LEDs.

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